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Felipe Lobo
Felipe “Demolition Man” Lobo
Felipe “Demolition Man” Lobo is a passionate Brazilian fighter making a name for himself in mixed martial arts. With a background rooted in the favelas of Sao Paulo, Felipe’s journey from soccer player to Muay Thai champion is nothing short of inspiring. At 30 years old, Felipe brings not just skill but also heart to every fight. Fighter’s Biography Hailing from Brazil, Felipe “Demolition...
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Felipe Lobo
Felipe “Demolition Man” Lobo
Felipe “Demolition Man” Lobo is a passionate Brazilian fighter making a name for himself...
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Muay Thai Diet
The Basics of a Muay Thai Diet: The Best Diet For Muay Thai Training
Muay Thai, as a combat sport, is not just about the power of your punches or the precision of your kicks....
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The Basics of Boxing Roadwork: A Detailed Guide for Beginners
Welcome to our guide on the fundamentals of boxing roadwork. In this blog, we will explore why boxing...
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Boxers meal
Boxer Diet | A Detailed Guide to the Best Boxing Diet Plan
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Boxer's Running Speed
How fast can boxers run: The Importance of Speed in Boxing
Speed is a cornerstone of success when it comes to boxing. It’s not just about throwing punches;...
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best switch hitters of all time
The Best Switch Hitters of All Time in Boxing
Have you heard about switch hitters in boxing? Among the most intriguing and versatile professional boxers...
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Boxing Shoulder Roll
How to Use The Boxing Shoulder Roll: Easy Beginners Guide
In boxing, defense is just as crucial as offense and must be placed with much importance. The ability...
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Shadow Boxing
Top 9 Benefits of Shadow Boxing: A Powerful Workout You Should Try
Shadow boxing, often seen as a foundational practice in combat sports, is gaining recognition and being...
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The Golden Age of Professional Boxing: Honoring the Iconic 80’s Boxers
The 1980s were a golden era for boxing, producing some of the most iconic and unforgettable fighters...
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arms in boxing
Can You Punch Arms In Boxing? The Do’s and Don'ts About Punching
Yes, you can punch arms in boxing, but there are some strategies you need to understand to win boxing...
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Fundamentals of Boxing Head
Mastering the Art of Boxing Head Movement: A Step-by-Step Guide
Boxing head movement and techniques is that one thing every boxer needs to give their boxing career a...
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Marvin Camel
Native American Boxers Who Made a Mark in Boxing History
Professional boxing has witnessed the rise of numerous talented fighters from various backgrounds over...
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How to Jump Rope Like a Boxer
How to Jump Rope Like a Boxer: Mastering Pro Techniques
Jumping rope like a boxer may seem like a simple task, but it’s an essential skill in boxing training...
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Featherweight Boxing
The Thrilling World of Featherweight Boxing: A Closer Look
Featherweight boxing, what exactly is it? Well, let’s break it down without all the jargon. Featherweight...
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Rehydration Clause Meaning: All You Need To Know About The Rehydration Clause
In the world of combat sports, there’s more to the action inside the ring or cage than meets the...
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Worst MMA Injuries in UFC
Top 10 Worst MMA Injuries in UFC History: Discover Now!
Are you a true MMA fan? Worried about the extent of injuries a fighter can sustain in a fight? Well,...
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Boxing Worst Injuries (1)
Top 10 Boxing Worst Injuries: Common and Shocking Injuries in the Ring
Professional boxing is a beautiful sport where fighters clash with strength and skill and common injuries...
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Boxing Gym
Creating Your Perfect Home Boxing Gym: A Step-by-Step Guide
Are you tired of waiting for your turn at the local boxing gym? Do you want to train on your terms, without...
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Top 10 Best Boxing Matches
The Top 10 Best Boxing Matches of All Time: Legends in the Ring
Boxing has a rich history filled with memorable moments and legendary showdowns. These bouts have defined...
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Guide to Mixed Martial Arts
What Is MMA Fighting? A Comprehensive Guide to Mixed Martial Arts
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has taken the combat sports world by storm. It’s an electrifying sport...
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10 Best MMA Organizations
Top 10 Best MMA Organizations and Promotions of all Time
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has witnessed explosive growth in popularity over the years, thanks in no small...
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The Best Boxing Training Equipment: All You Need To Know About Boxing Equipment
When it comes to preparing for the ring or staying in shape, having the right boxing training equipment...
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Muay thai beginner
Muay Thai Training: Beginners Guide To Muay Thai Classes
Muay Thai, Thailand’s national sport, has gained worldwide popularity for its dynamic strikes,...
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Professional boxer
Different Boxing Stances: Which Type of Boxing Stance is Better?
In the world of boxing, stances aren’t just a matter of style; they’re the very foundation...
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earnings in MMA
How Much Does An MMA Fighter Make? You Won’t Believe This!
The world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has captured the imaginations of millions with its high-octane...
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how to become an MMA fighter
How To Become An MMA Fighter: Become A Pro MMA Fighter!
Are you dreaming of stepping into the octagon as a professional MMA fighter? The world of mixed martial...
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boxing details
How to become a professional boxer: Everything You Need To Know
Have you ever dreamt of stepping into the ring as a professional boxer, under the bright lights, with...
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Boxer vs MMA Fighter: Differences and Similarities Between MMA and Boxing
Boxer vs MMA Fighter: Differences and Similarities Between MMA and Boxing The clash between a boxer and...
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Muay Thai
Muay Thai Weight Classes: A Guide to Weight Division and Fair Fights
Muay Thai, known as the “Art of Eight Limbs,” is a combat sport renowned for its striking...
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Hands for Muay
Wrapping Hands for Muay Thai: Protecting Your Weapons
Muay Thai, the art of eight limbs, demands more than just strong fists and shins. It requires proper...
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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Exploring Different Types of Martial Arts: Top 10 Martial Arts Styles
Martial arts, a diverse world of combat techniques and disciplines, have fascinated and inspired people...
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Muay Thai vs Kickboxing
Muay Thai vs Kickboxing: What are the differences between kickboxing and Muay Thai?
When it comes to combat sports, Muay Thai and Kickboxing are two names that often come up. Both involve...
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vintage wrestling
Feel Like a Champion: Vintage Wrestling T-shirts, Shorts, and More
When you talk about professional wrestling, “vintage” means going back to the exciting times...
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Gloves Weight
Glove Weight and Size: What is the weight of boxing gloves?
What is the weight of boxing gloves? Boxing gloves are an essential piece of equipment for any boxer,...
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Combat Jiu Jitsu: An Introduction To Combat Jiu-Jitsu (CJJ)
Combat Jiu Jitsu: An Introduction To Combat Jiu-Jitsu (CJJ)
Combat Jiu Jitsu, often abbreviated as CJJ, is a martial art that blends elements of traditional Brazilian...
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Clean boxing Golves
5 Basic Tips on How to Clean Boxing Gloves: A Comprehensive Guide
Boxing gloves are an important part of a boxer’s equipment, providing protection and comfort during...
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Is Boxing a Martial Art? Reasons Why Boxing is Considered a Martial Art
Is boxing a martial art? Yes! This question has been asked by so many people, and in this blog post,...
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Kickboxing Vs Boxing: What's the difference between kickboxing and boxing?
Kickboxing and Boxing are two combat sports that are really popular and interesting to watch. Both sports...
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